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At Legacy Electrical Services, LLC, we light up your outdoor space with the latest technology. As your reliable landscape lighting installer, we provide tree lighting, patio lighting installation, pool lighting, and security lighting services to make your outdoor area more stunning and secure.

Illuminate Your Landscape With an Expert Landscape Lighting Contractor in Somerset, OH

At Legacy Electrical Services, LLC, lighting can do wonders for your landscape in Somerset, OH. Our landscape lighting contractor services include the latest technology, tree lighting, patio lighting installation, pool lighting, and security lighting to make your outdoor area look its best and ensure its security. A well-designed outdoor lighting system adds beauty and value to your property and increases security by deterring potential intruders. As a professional landscape lighting installation company, we can help you choose the right lighting system for your needs and preferences. Our outdoor lighting contractors can install various lighting options, including LED, solar-powered, and low-voltage lighting systems.


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We take pride in offering reliable, high-quality outdoor lighting services exceeding our client’s expectations. Whether you want to highlight your favorite tree, create a relaxing ambiance on your patio, or secure your property, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today, and our landscape lighting contractor will help you bring your outdoor space to life with stunning and energy-efficient lighting solutions in Somerset, OH.

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Transform your outdoor space with Legacy Electrical Services, LLC. Contact us today to schedule your landscape lighting installation, and let us enhance your property’s beauty and security.